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And The P2P Voice Over Winner Is…

If you’re an active voice over talent auditioning at P2P (“Pay To Play”) voice over sites, then you know how frustrating it can be to spend hours every day auditioning, only to not be selected. What if the P2P site helped you get that edge for your next audition? I have the answer.

All the major VO P2P sites have one major flaw in my opinion. You take time out of your day to audition, but unless you’re selected your recording goes into the bit bucket in the cloud. Maybe it’s not even listened to by the client. Perhaps it is but that’s the only acknowledgement you receive. Or even better, the client heard your audition and liked it enough to give you a thumbs-up and shortlist you.

But then you hear nothing. The job you auditioned for changed from a status of hiring, then to deciding, and finally… to completed. Your inbox remains empty. No congratulations email that you were selected.

That’s it. End of story. You didn’t pass go. You didn’t collect $200.

Here’s what is missing. If the P2P VO sites would adopt my feature suggestion, we would all be able to improve as voice over artists. We could easily learn from each other and stop spinning our wheels.

So what’s my big idea?

Let us hear the winning audition, anonymously.

There. It’s as simple as that, folks. Once a job has been awarded to someone other than you, then the P2P site allows you to revisit that job and listen to the audition that was selected… well, with one big caveat: the voice actor must opt-in. And, I think the default should be that they’re automatically opted in.

NOTE: This is my mockup (not real)

This would be a simple opt-in profile setting (on/off switch) under your account settings. So if you, as a voice actor, never want to have your auditions listened to–then you have the control to say No.

This doesn’t mean you will be able to hear the final deliverable–only their audition. And you will not be able to see who was selected–only their audio. The only issue is if the actor slates their audition, which none of us do (at least I don’t) for any P2P sites. They can clearly see your name next to their play button.

What this does is allow anyone to compare their audition to the one that was selected and learn from it. You can’t, like the client, listen to all of the auditions. Only the one that was selected.

This could be HUGE. A game changer.

I invite all voice over P2P sites to add this feature. Yes–that’s you,,, and everybody else. Jump on this. Please.

Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Would you opt-in for this? I would, if it means helping other actors.